Operations, white reindeer, lofoty and stress from anatomy. Summer Ms. Samka


“Soo? It’s been raining since then, “she says.

Olympic gold has made her a Czech celebrity, people know her. Forbes magazine ranked Samko among the 100 most influential Czechs on social networks. Facebook has 187,000 fans. Also, part of the Friday’s press conference is live on it.

“I’m learning to live with the attention of people,” he says.

On the other hand, she confesses: “I love places where there are few people.”

This is the contrast of her career. Cleaning the head of Miss Samka.

That’s why she set off for three weeks to Norway, far north, to Lofoten. “Norway was the first one on my TO DO,” he explains.

What’s next on this list?She would once spend up to three months of vacation in the United States and cross the cross. And also go to Bhutan.

“I love destinations where people are not and where I am close to the mountains. I like to climb the hills. So I was already in Georgia. And while I’m at home in the Krkonoše Mountains, I tend to find myself at home or I’m out on a dog walk. I compensate for the fact that in Prague, where I am currently living, there is quite a lot of people around me. ”

She made a trip to Norway with a friend in summer. The weather was overwhelming, only two days. From Lofot, they gradually moved south.

“We slept in the car, in the sleeping bags in the sleeping bags, just over the legs we had a sail so that it was not from the dew in the morning.Waking up over the beautiful lake, or in the bay near Narvik, where dolphins and swans are, it was just amazing. We also saw a white stove on the road. Such a discovery and living on a punk really entertains me. ”

But the pleasures of living are human. In the spring, Eva Samkova had to put her body together. And in September she took the credits in college for the change.

After last season, she first went through the left arm operation. Her joint jumped too often before. “On the contrary, since I’ve done it, it’s feeling much better.”

However, her right shoulder remains in jeopardy.

“This is less destroyed and more attached, so I better control it.I also know about the spectrum of things I should not do to keep it from leaking. Only when I do not concentrate will it ever get out of my way. ”

“Even if I do not, I have a mixer.” So he likes experimenting in the kitchen at leisure. She just refined her original hazelnut spread and had a whole team with her.

“This second generation of Evina spreads is a lot better than the first one,” laughs Marek Jelinek. FTVS, Jelinek was also a coach supervisor for Miss Samkova’s study.In order to finish the first year and not have to repeat it, she needed unconditionally anatomy exam credits in September. “It was a psychic trauma,” she confesses.

“I was afraid I could not do it. I always extinguish the teachings and catch them at the last minute, like everyone else.That’s why I was stressed out in stress, in much more stress than snowboard races. “But she succeeded, she has three, so up to the second year.

About anatomy even now she claims she really enjoys her. “And with my physiotherapist, I can talk more professionally now.”

As for her sport, Samka has been the first two to concentrate. “From the second I left with the feeling that the performance in the rides is more stable and there are no fluctuations,” she pleases herself.

From her and her entire team, last for the second time overall, 40 points. “This year I want to be first. It would be strange if I wanted to finish worse than last year, “he says.

The highlight will be the world championship in Sierra Nevada.At the championships, she has finished fifth best in her career. “So this time it will fight the case.”

In Spain will take part in the newly established team competition, where it will compete with talented Vendula Hopjákovou, fifth from the last Junior World Championships.

Home in the Czech Republic will be present at the national championship and at the winter roadshow it is planning to take.

The team of Samk remained almost everything in the old. In addition to Jelínek, Jakub Flejšar is also preparing it. They will still be in the hands of Canadian serviceman J.P.Trottiera, whose hands were crossed by snowboarders or skis of many Olympic medalists and cooperated with Czech skater Tomáš Kraus.

The game of Korea in 2018 will be woven through the entire season, with both cup and championship races playing games.

She was already familiar with the future Olympic track in last season’s Cup General.

“I finished third and I liked the track. Some things were not perfect yet, but the Koreans are doing so badly, and they will definitely have everything great, “she believes.

Coach Jelínek does not think about Korea alone. Three Czech snowboard crushers were the last players in Sochi.

“Now I want to have four athletes at the Olympics.I would like them to be one more at each Olympics, “he plans.

” There is a maximum of eight people on the ground. And then what? “Says Samk.

” Then I’m done. ”

medal. But at the next Olympics, all six. “


Brno is backing out of big plans. Missing assault tug, will play more from behind

Before the season he was not afraid of courageous statements about how his team would have fun with attractive football. Now the Zbrojovka coach gets what he does. “A couple of fans like to yell: we want your football,” Svatopluk Habanec tells what he heard from the tribune. “But if you’re a bricklayer, you probably will not be playing fantastically on the violin.”

It’s a terrible metaphor. Brnans have a lot of laborers, who have earned a flattering sixth league position last year. This year’s plan to add artists to add a superstructure.

Two of the main summer offensive trumps now can not pull Zbrojovka.The Congressional Wing Franci Litsingi worked with a knee in a duel with Teplice and yesterday underwent menstrual arthroscopy that probably eliminates it for about a month. And another shikula – Jan Štohanzl – is suffering from muscle injury right after coming to Brno.

“At the offensive stage, they were a clear benefit. Their absence strikes our image, “admits Habanec. “They are experienced footballers who can cope with the balloon and think of something ahead.They play with more calm because they have a lot of play, “explains the contribution of the injured Alois Hyčka in Brno.

While last year’s Zbrojovka had a particularly lucky hand when buying an attacker, Jakub Řezníček, this year’s investment did not come to an end. “We meant at least twelve other players. But either it was impossible to get them or take another offer. This is a normal process, as well as injuries, “says Habanec.

Current losses are particularly noticeable for his squad because they lack the appropriate replacement. Hynek is on the wings, but he misses his defense. Trio Pašek, Vávra, Prichystal does not match the injured pair. “We have players in the squad who are able to replace them.It will depend 1x bet on how the chances will be taken by those who get it, “hynek says.

A promising hint brought a cup Wednesday, which Brněnans managed in the second league in Ústí nad Labem 4: 1. They have scored more goals than in the previous six league matches. “We talked about things at the break, started to fill them more and calm down. Chances and goals came from that, and in other games it will give us peace and confidence to the end, “Hycek believes. “We played with taste, it looked good. But it was against the other league, “warns Habanec.

The first one still ahead of him is still screaming.The arsenal used to defend the three years has not moved into the desired offensive mode. “It’s a long-term process, we’re always looking for a typology of players,” says Habanec.

“Pretty enough players have changed, rebuilding the team and mentality is not a day-to-day move,” Hynek says. “The coach wants us to be more self-confident on the balloon, they betting online are not afraid of one another, they have allowed and played more up. But it takes time. And it also depends on what your rival will allow. ”

Today in Prague, he will be home to Dukla. And Habanec admits that without the necessary instruments an assault concert is not going. “Surely we will not play a high pressure on Dukla, that’s nonsense. We have to adapt to the typology of the players.That means playing back responsibly in the block and kicking into counterattacks because Dukla is vulnerable in the defense, “coaches the coach.

From this style last year, the Brňáňs scratched the maximum. Will it bring them back to their desired results?

Burnett has Pardubice basketball players pulling higher. Svitavy sticks to the ground


“We wanted continuity – both coaching and gaming. And we are very pleased to have succeeded, “said Marek Marek, general manager of BK JIP Pardubice. “We knew the team was a success, and we think it has the potential for the future,” he added.

That summer he signed just one new player, American Domine Burnett. “We think we hit well. He is a totally offensive player who can play all three positions from the perimeter. And we firmly hope it will be another important piece in the successful mosaic, “said Marek.

The Levell Sanders coach also boosted. “At the University he shot a lot of points, but he managed to create positions for teammates and play for the team at the same time. He managed to read the defense and get in the other.In conjunction with Lamb Autreym, it will move us higher, “Sanders said.

Where to? Although manager Marek specifically mentioned only a partial goal in the form of a progressive group A1 and building the best possible play-off position. However, Captain Radek Necas said, “If we can not defend the victory in the cup and get to the desired final of the league, we will not fulfill what we are able as a team.”

The Pardubice season will pass the European Cup

B eks and will live not only in domestic competitions. After four years, the club will join the European Cups, namely the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, which played the Nymburk champion last year.The well-known Pardubice shooters in the basic group J are Lithuanian Siauliai and Nicosia in Cyprus, with the remaining fourth member of the group still deciding. The game day will be Wednesday and the first duel should be held on 19 October in Cyprus. The homemate will host at the Tipsport arena.

“We have not yet defined the specific goals for the Europe Cup – nor do we know the strength of our opponents. It will be about concentrating on ourselves and giving the most conscious performance. Heavyweight matches from Europe should help us for the summits of the season in the Czech Republic, “said Marek manager.

Coach Sanders had almost all players ready for the Pandulu and Příhonský marods. Stanislav Petr, the coach of the Svitavy Tours, could have dreamed of something like that.The Americans Mickelson, Mays, Jacobs, and Bannister, with Croatian Vucica, who had to cover the holes of the Jones, Doaks, Barker, and Bruinsm overseas quartet, had met him gradually.

“From this point of view, preparation was not ideal. The first month I trained only with Bohemia, “coach Petr said. “But it is given by the club’s finances, it is necessary to take it. The training was different at a good level, and in friendly matches there was interference, but combat and commitment were working.It was a positive sign, “said Petr.

Abercrombie New reinforcements are not as good with individual skills as their predecessors, but they are more teamlike.

“There is no one who is clearly the best. Inside the cabin, however, it could be easier to climb, it would not have to be a traditional division of foreigners-Czechs, “Petr said.

Cory Abercrombie, who played for Svitavy earlier, The Ústí nad Labem Slunet, for which he entered last year, does not want to let him go.

“Usti claims that there is a valid contract there, which is keeping it. I see 50 to 50, “Peter estimated. “I would be happy if the cadres were definitive.But during the season, anything can happen, “he said.

What will Svitavy have this year’s ambition for the premiere in the elimination part?

“It would be right to set higher goals, but we have to be realistic. The budget is the same as last year, so we will want to fight again for the playoffs, “said coach Petr.

Becca did not find much resistance in preparation

overtaken Prostějov and Hradec Králové first league one, and then lost five times. Beksa had a balance like a lily: eight victories. The opponents did not believe it very much.

“We did not have such challenging games as I imagined. But there was nothing to do with it.There were many good things in them that we liked. I feel like we’re on the right track, “Sanders said. His primary goal was to raise his team’s defensive play; as far as he can, he will be able to try out today in Svitavy. But they will be missing from Marodi Pandula and Příhonský.

“We saw the Svitavy in the match with Handla. They have a very similar style to last year. But this year I think they will be even more oriented to the game from the perimeter so we can not afford them open missiles, “he warned.

Tures is looking forward to the derby. “It will be like anyone who has passed through Pardubice, he will want to show up. But I do not want to hurt it.We want it to be a basketball game, “said coach Petr.

Slovácko – Jihlava 1: 1, guests led, home played without coach


Jihlava has four points in the draw, in Slovácko it was defeated by goalkeeper Hanuš from defeat.

“We have a point from outside and we have to take it. It was a game we could win and lose. Slovácko had great pressure in the second half. Often, the balls flew into big lime. We have held a lot of goalkeeper Hanuš, who took three lapsed chances. We could still score at the end of the match-break match, “Jihlava coach said.

Even Slovácko can not cheer, because out of eight of this year’s duels won only once.

“We did not get the first half in a terrible way. We lost personal battles, were lukewarm. When I say this, we have been sleeping.In the second half, thanks to the deployment and the quality at certain moments, we created pressure and chances, but did not give them, “said domestic assistant Michal Kordula.

The two teams from the bottom of the table at the beginning lacked the quality. Slovácko started a lot of convulsions. Similarly Jihlava, who chose defensive tactics with rapid counterattacks. Domestic footballers had barren territorial dominance for most of the first half, despite the overcrowded back range of their opponents only hardly getting to the end.

More promising opportunities have been made by Jihlava. In the 25th minute Rabušic only headed to the Heči goalkeeper. The Slovácko game was most serious just before the end of the half-time, when the fast-paced Diviš shot was able to cover Hanuš goalkeeper.At the end of the semifinals, the home team was allowed to score the best scorer of Vysočina Ikaunieks, who quickly shot goalkeeper Heču.

The Slovácko for the bad result reacted immediately after the break, but was the goalkeeper Hanuš. He started out with a hard shot of Reinberk, twice eliminated the chance of Kone and managed to head off the Diviš.

At the beginning of the second half lost the Slovakian coach Levy, who made himself sick and went to the hospital. The leadership of the team was taken over by his assistant, Kordula.

Pressure was able to make the home footballers happy in the 67th minute when Havlík pushed through a shot from a twenty yards and equalized.The goal of the Slovakian football player awoke, they got their opponents under pressure, but they did not reach the victory.

MFK Karviná – Bohemians Praha 1905

Six matches in a row of unbeaten Bohemia will be introduced to the Karviná area, where it is not easy to do. The Karvins want to make a comeback from the derby against Ostrava and, on the contrary, to build on their previous home win with Jablonec. Both players will also fight bad weather.

Six matches without defeat, that’s a balance they are not so accustomed to in Dolek. The truth is that the Klokani under coach Martin Hašek show consistent results and they are entirely in the sixth place. Still, Karvina does not expect a simple match. “Everywhere we see that we are in a better condition than we did in the spring.” Karvina came to us at the end of May and we fought our bare survival in the league, relaxed atmosphere to know them, but we want to have even more points, we are hungry and we know about our but as many points as possible, “said coach Martin Hašek.

Karvina would need to win for more peace. It happened recently against Jablonec, but the next round with Baník again lost and remains in the immediate downside threat. “The situation when looking at the table is no longer a good time. Like Jablonec, we really need these three points from the home match,” said assistant coach Josef Mucha.

Karviná is up to thirteenth place in the table, with only one point ahead of the sloping position, which can quickly dissolve in case of failure.

Zbrojovka Brno – Fastav Zlín

The last league round this year will offer a spirited Moravian derby between Brno and Zlín, while the more satisfied may be domestic. It’s a paradox, but Zbrojovka has jumped off the slopes in the last rounds, and even in the case of today’s failure.

For Zlin it will not be goodbye with the first half of the season. Ševce is expecting the last match in the European League on Thursday, where he does not have to appear for the year. The trustee of the Pánka coach finishes the basic group in the last fourth place.

More importantly, results from the betclic online betting games domestic competition now seem to be more important. Zlín is currently balancing the limits of the first and second half of the table and can not be said to be doing well. The visitors defeated last time in the regional derby Slovácko, but it happened after four rounds without a victory. “Our performances are not stable, in the last match against the Slovak Republic, despite the victory we played badly, we are not even at the outdoor playgrounds, where we perform frightening performances, which proves the gain of just two points. let the coach Paník hear.

Zlín will come to Brno, which has come under the coach of Pivarník to the game of well-being and left the descent partitions. Rescue work by Zbrojovka is definitely not over, but the fact that autumn finishes the worst in thirteenth place can help her psychologically. Brno won two matches in a row and is thinking of the third triumph. “We will try to prolong the series, we want to play actively and to take the lead, we play at home where we want to play Unibet online betting openly and dominate,” Coach Pivarník said before the match.

Last year, the Moravian derby was always rejoicing at home. Zbrojovka won 2-0 at home and 1: 2 in Zlín.

1. FC Slovácko – Vysočina Jihlava

The last one with the last one will see Uherské Hradiště. The winner will surely secure hibernation outside of the descent positions, but will it all happen to anyone? After all, Slovácko has been waiting for twelve rounds to win.

“We are waiting for a match that will be harder to mentally, but I say that whoever does not have a psychological situation, football can not play and play for a long time, it is another test and what will not kill us, it will strengthen us.” I believe we can handle the game ” Cordula is firmly hoping for home coach. The Slovaks did not manage at all, and in the final was not helped by a roster in the coaching positions, when during the autumn, Michal Kordula was replaced by Stanislav Levy. Twelve matches are already waiting Slovácko for league victory and it was not long ago. Last time Slovácko lost the regional derby in Zlín 1: 2 and stayed last.

Slovácko will welcome in Jihlava’s pure rescue contest, which can not be too leapy. Vysočina has only one point more and last time did not manage a key match with Brno. “We can not succeed without the proper confidentiality and motivation of the players and they have to prove they are determined to get three points,” said coach Ivan Kopecký. Jihlava has lost all seven matches out and breaking this disastrous balance will try on the field of the last Slovak game. Where else should it be elsewhere?

It is true that reciprocal duels have not been too pleased in recent years. Twice in a row played in Jihlava 0: 0, the last one for Slovácko for 1: 1.

The fight for the rescue and the descent does not decide yet, but on the other hand it will be a very important duel, which can play a significant role at the end of the season. And last but not least, it can greatly help one person or another mentally.

Dukla Praha – FK Teplice

Dukla finishes the autumn part of the season at home Julisce in duel with Teplice. The Severočes are out of the box at all, they have not won once again, while Dukla did not win at home.

The citizens of Prague are also encouraged by a high prize over Mlada Boleslav, which they have debunked Slavia. “Confirming the result is hard and confirming the result and the performance is even more demanding, at least for us during the autumn, I believe we will use a home environment that will be a great motivation for multi-match quality.” Such a victory and its associated point gain would be a beautiful Christmas gift , “coach Jaroslav Hynek said before the match.

Matching with Teplice will be very important and basically will decide whether the autumn was successful or not. At this point, Dukla is the tenth place and if it wins, it moves to the first half of the table.

Teplice is never a nice opponent, on the other hand this year it is not possible for the Glassmakers to go out. Outside of their field, they did not win a single match, only twice taking points for indecisive results. In the last round, Teplice scored a draw 0: 0 and became the first team in the season that managed to turn points on Viktor Plzeň. “We want to build on the fighting and the deployment that we had at home with Pilsen. We want to win the game and have a good winter,” Jan Krob says.

Visiting footballers want to win at last, and they could do so. After all, in the last season, they took all the points for Julisce for the toughest victory. “Matches on the Dukla are very hard, there is such a non-bottling environment, no people, one big stand, or anything else, but we have to take it out of our heads and play our game from a secure defense, try to punish a home from a break,” Jan added Krob.

Slavia Praha – Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Celebrities return to the main stage of one of the cups on Thursday after eight years. The Czech champion in Eden will play the basic group of the European League with Maccabi Tel Aviv, who was eliminated in Plzeň last weekend in the 3rd Champions League. The Red Bulls would like to get three points against the Israeli vicemistrist and set out for a dream come true. Other rivals in the group are Villarreal and Astana.

“Every beginning is important, and tomorrow’s match will be very important: Villarreal is a big favorite of our group and we will fight for the second place, and we want to win tomorrow,” said coach Slavie Jaroslav Šilhavý .

But the Prague people do not go into the match in a perfectly ideal constellation. From the last five competitions they won only one and after a 1: 1 weekend draw in Olomouc they lost their first place in the home league to six points. In addition, the Red Bulls have a Sunday Prague derby with Sparta.

“Of course, it’s not easy, it’s just two difficult games in a quick succession, just as important is a derby, but we have a wide range and we believe we can do it, there are only two days between the games, the regeneration time will not be so big, so we expect We spread the forces between multiple players, “said Shilhavy.

Maccabi has second place in the last two seasons. He played the Champions League group last year and on his way to her after a 1: 2 loss home and a 2: 0 win over Pilsen out.

“Maccabi was rolling at that time, they had Zahavi who eliminated Pilsen, but he’s gone, but they still have excellent players in the game, and we will have to perform at the limit of our ability to win. has more experience in the cups, but I believe that we will overtake them and defeat them, “said ČTK the famous goalie Přemysl Kovář, who worked in Israel in Hapoel Haifa between 2014 and 2016.

The celebrities will have to watch out for Iceland’s striker Vidar Kjartansson, who has scored six goals in three league matches and seven matches over the European League and added two assists. “Forward ahead are stronger than back, we need to be careful, but we have to watch them,” said Kovář.

“We have seen their last matches, the last one we have been alive in. Kjartansson is an important player, but he is not alone there, having a strong axis Ben Haim, who also played in Chelsea, Captain Jeini and Kjartansson.The left side is also a goal, their offensive is strong, “said Shilhavy.

Slavia will not be able to put Danny’s loudest support, which, like Švento, is missing due to injury. It would be possible to jump off but he could recover Simon Deli. The guest team hangs a question mark over Captain Jeini’s start.

Villarreal CF – FC Astana

Villarreal begins a pilgrimage to the main leagues of the European League due to Astana, which he has already encountered. Three years ago, he had been totally uncompromising with Unibet her, hoping that something like that would happen now. Astana, however, plans to pay for these results in Spain.

The yellow submarine has been in charge of Astana with its forces in 2014, specifically the premier of the European League. Both matches managed the Spanish favorites much better and as expected moved. In addition, he did not get a single goal from the badly playing Astany and Unibet gave his fans a great experience. The opponent’s net from Kazakhstan has hit seven times in both matches!

Now both opponents meet in Group A, which includes Slavia Prague and Israeli Maccabi Tel-Aviv. Villarreal is a clear favorite of the group, and the best way to affirm their belonging to the elite is to win the first round. Villarreal has changed a lot over the summer and it took a while for a team to play. Above all, the Unibet beginning of the league did not work out the ambitious team.

The first two duels lost the Yellow Submarine. Three goals scored Real Sociedad San Sebastian and fans did not really enjoy it. It did not succeed in the last round, because this time scored three Unibet goals Villarreal. Against Realu Betis, Villarreal had to rotate home, but thanks to Carlos Baccy, Samuel Castille and Enes Ünala, he did it.

Samu Castillejo is one of the great talents and support. In a club interview, the young striker said: “There is a great match with Astana and we are all excited about it.” The European Cups are a great satisfaction and it is a good feeling that we can play them, it will not be easy, because Astana is not that long ago and we are Unibet still looking for the right rhythm, so it will be important to capture the start, because a three point gain would help us a lot, “says a young player.

At Estádio de la Cerámica, Villarreal is more successful in LaLize than in Europe. The three domestic duels of the European Cups of five have lost, and now he has the time to fix his reputation. Against Astana, it should not be unrealistic at all, because the Kazakh team is out of the Unibet football bets online question at all. In the long 16 outdoor duels, Astana managed to win the cups only once and lost ten times out!

Astana does not have a very good experience with Spanish football because she got to the Champions League two years ago and was in the group at Atlético Madrid. Her visit to the capital city did not go well because she lost a high 4: 0 here. Will the situation be repeated, or the whole of Kazakhstan will be surprised by its more famous soka?